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Waiting on funding? Focus on your business.

Applied for EIDL and PPP Funding and waiting ? Work on your business while you wait! Here are some suggestions: • If you haven’t yet, find lenders who are still taking applications and apply as needed. You can apply to multiple lenders but can only take one loan for the EIDL. If your business is small or you do not have a good banking relationship, got to a Fintech Provider such as Bluevine, Lendio or Paypal. • Many small business grants coming soon. Look at our website or google as many private corporations are offering money. • Forward your mail if you can’t get to your premises so you do not miss any important documentation. • Get organized! Clean up your inbox, folders and your Dropbox. Every loan and grant should have its own folder so that you can look up information and document the entire process. • Make sure you get a free copy of your credit report. Agencies such as Credit Karma provide free access to Transunion and Equifax for free. For Experian, you need to contact them directly. This is a good time to dispute new items and work with your creditors. • If you have a landlord, proactively reach out and communicate regularly to keep them abreast of what is happening with your business. They are struggling just like you and • Reach out to all internet and utility providers. For example, if you can’t access your building no need to pay your internet provider. All of them either can freeze or defer payments. • Look at your subscriptions and eliminate those you do not need. Go through your credit card statements and see what you do not need I the next few months. You can also dispute them if they continue to charge you. American Express has a merchant block function – if you continue to receive charges • Reach out to your vendors or software providers and see if you can renegotiate terms and payments. This includes anything from scheduling platforms to merchant account fees. Although COVID-19 small business relief funds are exhausted, there is more money soon!

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